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Welcome to the Bulletin Knowledge base

This website provides Bulletin product service documentation for our whole range of services.

Bulletin Messenger, Chat, Outlook & Email2SMS Messaging Service

Bulletin Messenger looks and works just like email, but sends and receives text messages instead.



Bulletin API

The Bulletin API provides the opportunity to integrate SMS with your applications through the very simple REST interface. Fully supports threading, multipart, various character sets and more. Available on Prepay or Contact Sales for higher volume options.

Bulletin Online Services

The Bulletin Online Dashboard provides a central and rich experience to manage your products, team and reporting.

USA Virtual Numbers as well as various global shortcodes can be assigned to Messenger, Touch2TXT and Campaigner.

Bulletin SMPP

Bulletin SMPP provides connectivity for carrier applications, leveraging our direct relationships with many global networks.

Bulletin Campaigner

With Bulletin Campaigner you can set up automated responses to keywords which you select and include in your advertising. Send special offers, coupons, product information and links to your website. It means you engage with your customers the second they are ready, at any time and in any place.

Bulletin Messenger iOS App and Mobile Web

Mobile editions of Messenger provide a simple yet powerful corporate messaging platform fully integrated with the Messenger service. Conveniently send and receive messages on-the-go.

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